Our Mission

Our Mission

Thank you for your support and your desire to defend Western Civilization, its Values, Principles and Culture.
Today we witness a world in rapid change. Some scientists are already talking about:  “a temporal singularity,” a “boiling point” in our history when the sum of all changes will dramatically transform our society. From the moment the first atomic bombs fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the world has entered a new era. The advent of the computer is speeding up the process of change. It is most important, vital, that we defend and uphold those
everlasting values and principles that are the true

LIFE, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of happiness are shared by all so-called Western Nations, the US, Canada and most of Europe. 

We share Judeo-Christian values and faith, and today, more than ever good men and women need to unite on both sides of the Atlantic if we are to overcome the upcoming storm.  Let us defend all that is true, noble and good in our great tradition, let us lead by example, molding the future, monitoring change and defending our families, our people and our lands.
Over the next three years, our work will focus on the power of ideas and shared principles and values that are the driving force to defeat Western Societies’ greatest threat: Islamic Fundamentalism and radical socialism. Our broad goals are: to strengthen connections among strong and true conservative leaders in the USA and Europe by spreading accurate information—essential key substantial vital information regarding – 1) what our enemies are doing; 2) what our friends need. To educate the public at large on the disinformation that is so pervasive regarding the rapid spread of Islamic fundamentalists throughout the world and to counter anti-Israel rhetoric both in the United States and in Europe.

To foster an open dialogue between high- level intelligence providers, diplomats, government officials, and internationally recognized conservative leaders. IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE OUR GOALS SPECIFICALLY AND MEASURABLY: WE WILL build organizational capacity through an integrated networking campaign. WE WILL maintain best governance and compliance standards for our fundraising activities, as put forth by the IRS, and more. WE WILL facilitate a number of events, including: SIX North Atlantic League Education Conferences reaching more than 1,000 high level conservative leaders, 2 events in Summer 2015,  2 events in Fall 2015, 2 events in the winter of 2015.  Includong: Four (4) in the United States and Two (2) in Italy. A special intelligence mission to Israel and Italy is being planned for the Fall-Winter of 2015.

NAL Conference in Rome, Italy, Fall 2009.