Israel’s Lapid meets with Palestinian civil affairs minister

Read More Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid met with Palestinian Civil Affairs Minister Hussein al-Sheikh on Sunday. According to an Israeli source, the two discussed the serious economic problems in the West Bank and how to advance initiatives to boost the Palestinian economy. It was not the first meeting between Lapid and al-Sheikh, and Lapid […]

Israel to add two Arabs to committee for naming towns, sites following criticism

Read More The cabinet will add two Arab Israelis to the committee for naming towns, villages, nature reserves and other sites, following criticism from ministers from Meretz, the farthest-left Zionist party in Naftali Bennett’s government. The cabinet said it would tweak the roster in the next two weeks. Before the change, the ministers were due […]

For Israel’s settlers, it’s war. Their target: Palestinian land – and bodies

Read More This weekend’s attack on Israeli peace activists by violent West Bank settlers should put to rest any attempts to doubt or dismiss the severity of what is a grotesque and accelerating campaign of terror. But perhaps even more alarming than the attempts to turn a blind eye to settler violence is the misunderstanding […]

Israel’s occupation junkies are drawn to the Negev

Read More Unless new opportunities crop up, the Negev remains the ultimate destination for occupation junkies. The days of the major occupations in Egypt, Syria and Jordan are over, and so, like a camel chewing its cud, land that has already been conquered is being conquered once again. And if Arab destinations run scarce, prepare […]

MPs criticise UK gambling regulator for trying to reduce addiction

Read More A committee of MPs has produced a report criticising the gambling industry regulator for trying to reduce addiction and urging ministers to take it into special measures. The findings by the all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on betting and gaming have been described as “ludicrous” by a campaigner for regulatory reform and met with […]

Sofia Goggia arriva in clinica a Milano dopo la caduta | Leggi Distorsione al ginocchio e lesione del crociato: “Cercherò di difendere il titolo olimpico”

Read More 23 gennaio 2022 <iframe class=”rep-video-embed” src=”″ width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe> Sofia Goggia è arrivata intorno alle ore 17 a Milano per sottoporsi agli accertamenti dopo la caduta a Cortina che le ha causato un infortunio al gionocchio sinistro. Ad attenderla alla clinica La Madonnina il dottor Andrea Panzeri, presidente della Commissione Medica […]

Empoli-Roma, le pagelle: Mkhitaryan dirige e disfa, Ismajli preda di Abraham

Read More Empoli  5.5 Vicario Non ha colpe marchiane, ma non offre nemmeno una parata di livello. 5 Fiamozzi Non difende, non offende. Fragilissimo. 5 Ismajli L’area è il terreno di caccia preferito da Abraham, lui si offre come preda. 5 Tonelli Alle corde ogni volta in cui la Roma affonda. 5 Marchizza Da quella […]

Former Prime Minister Olmert asks court to order psych review of the Netanyahus

Read More Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has asked a court to order psychiatric evaluations of opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu, his wife Sara and his son Yair as part of their ongoing libel case. The Netanyahu family sued Olmert for libel after he said publicly that all three were mentally ill and refused to apologize. […]