13 spooky sights, sounds and stories from space

This Halloween weekend, enjoy our selection of spooky space sights, sounds and stories, from eerie distant nebulae to the chilling sounds of BepiColombo’s Earth flyby and even a near-miss between two spacecraft that narrowly escaped collision.

Living so close to an active star, in a Solar System filled with ancient and fast-moving space rocks, on a planet that is becoming increasingly surrounded by discarded satellites and their debris, comes with a plethora of possibilities for something to go wrong.

ESA’s Space Safety Programme which is working to prevent and mitigate the impact of hazards from space, protecting our Pale Blue Dot, its inhabitants, and the vital infrastructures on which we have become so dependent.

Reflection nebula NGC 1999 Reflection nebula NGC 1999
Artist impression of ‘OumuamuaArtist impression of ‘Oumuamua
Distribution of space debris around EarthDistribution of space debris around Earth
Infographic about the expression ‘once in a blue moon’

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